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Tanako x - Megan Jones -

Tanako X Makes a Statement Regarding Megan Jones

Tanako X addressed the controversy surrounding former Apartment Championship Wrestling champion Megan Jones at an impromptu press conference in Miami this morning. “It is ACW policy not to comment on pending legal matters, however I do want to make a few comments. First of all we consider the matter very serious and are looking into. […]


Katie Anderson Enjoying Life as the Champ

“Life as the champ is really good!” So say new ACW champion Katie Anderson. Anderson, who defeated Megan Jones for the title is currently touring Sweden, a guest of Helmut Anderson (no relation), a noted European photographer. At a scheduled press conference, the champion offered her thoughts on the sport and her role in it. […]

Galas Looner exits ACW

Galas Looner is Gone from ACW

Galas Looner has officially left ACW. After a hair vs. title match against Megan Jones, Galas’ head was shaved prompting her to flee the video shoot. Her performances as of late had improved to the point that many felt that she was on her way back as one of the top young stars in the […]


Lucy Die is Rising in the Rankings

Lucy Die has surprised many ACW fans with an impressive winning streak as of late. She has strung together 10 straight victories and finds herself moving up in the rankings. The native of Detroit, Michigan has been in ht promotion for six months, having debuted against Megan Jones. While she lost baldy in that matchup, […]


Galas at the Crossroads

For Galas Looner, this is a moment at the crossroads, where her career could go in either direction. The blonde Gwen Stefani lookalike seemed to have everything in place a year and a half ago. She was among the top rookie class to ever enter the promotion and battled her way to an Intercondominium title […]

Kristin James Loses 75 lbs.

The Kristin James Transformation

When Kristin James made her debut in ACW, let’s just say she was a little on the PLUS side. At nearly 200 lbs., she was a BBW and a bruiser amongst the ACW girls. While she competed very hard, it did not help her in gaining wins within the promotion or in climbing the ladder […]

Taylor Wilson - ACW

Taylor Wilson Furious with Release of Video Match

Taylor Wilson has come out screaming and kicking as Apartment Championship Wrestling has released a video clip of her matchup against Tiffani Wilson. Wilson has fought for years to prevent the promotion from releasing any footage of her wrestling, but after numerous legal victories, ACW released the clip earlier this week. “I don’t what to […]


Parity is Causing for Great Competition

Apartment Championship Wrestling is thoroughly in the hands of a new group of wrestlers. Since the retirement of former champion Daniella Cartier, newcomers have completely taken over the promotion, vanquishing older, more experienced competitors, dominating them with youthful aggression and a lack of fear. Two competitors have emerged recently, vying for the Inter-Condominum championship, long […]

Kaila Ali - ACW

Introducing Kaila Ali – The Next Big Thing?

Where does one start with Kaila Ali? As the photo below shows, her phenomenal body is a great starting point. When apartment wrestling fans first catch a glimpse at her, they’re not sure why they’re drooling. Is it because she has picture perfect sexy proportions and or because as a catfighter she has the size, […]


Daniella Cartier Announces Her Retirement

Daniella Cartier has announced her retirement from Apartment Championship Wrestling. The announcement came as a suprise to many within the organization and was unexpected. “For all of those, both fans and those within ACW, I appreciate the love and support throughout the years, but after a lot of thought, I have decided to retire from […]

Megan Jones - ACW

Megan Jones – The New ACW Champion

In a stunning upset with huge ramifications, Megan Jones, a first year veteran has defeated ACW Champion Daniella Cartier to grab the ACW title. While Megan is highly regarded as the best of the 2010 rookie class, very few thought she had a real chance of wrestling the title away from the wrestler many consider […]


Promotional Trailer for the Daniella-Megan Match Released

Promotional Trailer for the Upcoming Daniella Cartier vs. Megan Jones matchup. It is currently running in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [hdplay id=100 width=640 height=480 ]


Daniellla Cartier Grants Megan Jones a Title Shot

Daniella Cartier agreed to terms for a title match against up and comer Megan Jones. Jones has made a rapid ascent within the promotion and while many think she is getting a title shot too early, Cartier disagreed. “I think if you talk to some of the older veterans, they’ll agree that they wish they […]


Naughty Nude Photos of some of the ACW Girls

Another Free ACW Giveaway ACW is giving away more free content to members of the ACW Mailing List free of charge. This month mailing list members can download the entire a photoset (20 photos) of some up close and personal (i.e. nude) photos of some of ACW’s most popular stars. All uncensored. (Warning, includes nudity. […]


Megan Jones Demands a Title Shot

You could say that Megan Jones has made a huge impact on Apartment Championship Wrestling but that would really just understate and simplify the matter. Jones told anyone who would listen that she was going to be the breakout star of the Class of 2010, but a lot of apartment wrestlers talk the talk but […]

Best of ACW - Catfighting

Biggest Deal in ACW History

  ACW has announced its most ambitious product launch ever – the Greatest Hits Package. The package includes all of the “Best” of series:   In addition to the “Best of” DVDs, the package will include a Ninth DVD which will include all of the ACW Match photosets (more than 80 photosets and more than […]

Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter III

Another Free Giveaway – Free Uncensored Photos

Another Free ACW Giveaway ACW is giving away more free content to members of the ACW Mailing List free of charge. This month mailing list members can download the entire photoset of match photos from the Daniella Carter – Diane Hunter III match. This rivalry is considered by many to be the best in ACW […]

00Heaven - ACW

Fourth of July Giveaway

    HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY As a reward to the loyalty of many of our fans for their support over the years, we are having a Fourth of July Free Giveaway. All of the subscribers to the ACW mailing list are receiving FREE access to download the entire Brycee Adams vs. Nyla Jay Romero […]


Galas and Megan Enjoying Winning Streaks

Newcomers Galas Looner and Megan Jones have enjoyed recent winning streaks. Looner, the beauty from Boca Raton has been very impressive in her early matches, impressing those who viewed her with suspicion. “She looks like she’d have the brawling ability of a librarian,” says Seth Greenfield of the Apartment House Wrestling Journal. “I don’t think […]

Galas Looner exits ACW

Galas Looner Lays Down a Challenge

ACW has announced that Gala Looner will be holding a press conference Monday May 2, 2011. No details have been released but it is believed that Galas, a newcomer to the promotion, will lay down a challenge, presumably to Daniella Cartier, although that is considered pure speculation. Looner entered the promotion last fall as part […]


Big News – Is Alex Leaving ACW?

Several sources are reporting that Alex Del Monacco has taken a leave of absence from ACW and that her departure may be permanent. Del Monacco is said to be distraught over losing the title and furious that she did not get an immediate rematch. Unfortunately, in addition to her loss to current champion Daniella Cartier, […]


Masahiro X Speaks

The following commentary is that of former ACW President Masahiro X. Masahiro is well known as the nephew of ACW founder Tanako X and usurped his Uncle’s power in a takeover attempt in 2004. The views of Masahiro X do not necessarily represent those of ACW management, personnel or staff. “I’m Masahiro X and I […]

Megan Jones -

The Miami Invasion

Straight out of Miami comes the newest star in ACW and her name is Megan Jones. Megan is considered by many to be the best new prospect to come into ACW in years. “I don’t give compliments to anybody, but I think Megan is going to beat Daniella in a match very soon. I think she’s that […]

Katie Anderson -

2010 – The Year in Review

2010 was a year of action, excitement, intrigue and renewal. While many questions have been answered, others have been raised. Clips4Sale store The year began with the announcement that ACW had opened a store at – with more than a million daily users, more and more fans of the promotion have access to videos of ACW match […]

Heaven -

Legacy of the ACW Title

Heaven, Daniella Cartier, Diane Hunter, Alex Del Monacco. These ladies have worn the ACW Champion belt over the last four years. Four very different women, different personalities, different skill-sets, but all great champions. What is the legacy of the belt as held by these four victors? The story starts with Heaven, or 00Heaven as she initially […]

Daniella Cartier -

Daniella Regains the Title Belt

When a title changes hands, the victor usually celebrates as it is a culmination of years of preparing for the moment , while the vanquished hangs her head in defeat and moves quietly into the background. After this title matchup, neither was true. Daniella Cartier defeated Alex Del Monacco with a brilliant performance, become the first […]

Alex Del Monacco -

This Is It! No More Talking!

This is it! After years of waiting, months of talking and weeks of preparing, the fight is on. It is the most anticipated apartment wrestling match in years and for the participants, it can’t start soon enough. When Alex Del Monacco defeated then champion Daniella Cartier for the title, it was a major upset. Carter […]

Daniella Cartier -

The War of Words is Getting Loud

As we get closer to the big rematch between ACW champion Alex Del Monacco and former champion Daniella Cartier, the war of words is heating up. “Hey baby, I’m the champ and everybody knows it so what’s the problem” asks Cartier? “I just refer to her as the new girl because as far as I’m concerned, […]

Daniella Cartier -

Daniella is Coming for the Belt

Daniella Cartier has a unique approach to her pursuit of the ACW title…. She is declaring herself the champ right now! At a recent meet and greet, Daniella had herself introduced to the group as the champ. When questioned why she was doing so months before her rematch with current champion Alex Del Monacco, Cartier […]


Alex Sets Her New Years Goals

Alex Del Monacco has a lot to get off her chest, and it is all good. “I think 2010 is going to be a great year for me and for ACW,” said the champion. “First up I will going on a tour of five continent where I will defend my belt against competitors from eight different […]

Crystal Selane -

Introducing Crystal Selane

As the financial crisis in the United States crushes wrestling promotions across the country, ACW has taken a novel approach. The promotion has begun inking talent sharing agreements with various Eastern Bloc promotions. One of the first beneficiaries from this arrangement is one Crystal Selane. Standing 5′ 1″ Selane doesn’t look like much of a wrestler, […]

Alex Del Monacco -

Alex Wants Some Respect

Alex Del Monacco is a member of a special championship club, but one which no one wants to belong. She is in the position of being a champion and beating all of those around her but getting called out for not facing the stiffest competition. “From my point of view it sucks. I’ve had an open […]

Tanako X

Tanako X Retires

For more than four months, the silence has been growing louder in ACW with no announcements from the Yahoo group nor the website. Repeated attempts for interviews with ACW President Tanako X, ACW Champion Alex Del Monacco or former Champion Daniella Cartier have been ignored. Now, has been offered an exclusive interview with Tanako X, […]

Daniella Cartier -

Cartier Back in the Title Hunt

The long, strange saga of Apartment Championship Wrestling has taken another turn as the promotion announced a new agreement as well as the termination of an anticipated sale to a Japanese media conglomerate. These changes and the deal that fell apart would have ended the existence of the company in the United States and therefore […]

Tanako X and Miranda Alexander -

The State of ACW: 2008

Sex, Lies and DVDs. The long strange saga of Apartment Championship Wrestling has taken another turn as the promotion announced a new agreement as well as the termination of an anticipated sale to a Japanese media conglomerate. These changes and the deal that fell apart would have ended the existence of the company in the […]


Fallout Over Daniella’s New Contract

The fallout from ACW’s announcement that former Champion Daniella Cartier was to receive a bonus as part of her contract renegotiation, that would include stock ownership in the promotion. It would seem that everyone within and without the promotion was angry, save for Carter, ACW President Tanako X and a few other members of management. “What […]


2007 – The Year in Review

As 2007 ends, there is breaking news in ACW. Former champion Daniella Cartier has come to terms with the promotion on a new contract making her the highest paid performer in the apartment Wrestling industry. While this alone is enough to raise the ire of current champion Alex Del Monacco, what has all of the performers […]

Dixie Monroe -

Ask ACW: December 2007

Whatever Happened to Dixie Monroe Melissa “Dixie” Monroe is considered by many within the catfight industry as one of the least understood wrestlers ever. Not misunderstood in the sense that people took her actions and statement the wrong way, but instead, that no one could ever seem to figure out quite what made her tick, what […]

Kiana Price -

Introducing Kiana Price

Kiana Price is pissed. After a less than stellar debut against ACW favorite Little, Price has seen her opportunities and public appearances dwindle. “What the fuck is the matter with these people? I mean damn… I came to work, busted my ass…. and then … nothing. Silence!” Price is less than enthused with her current push, […]

Paulina Persenko -

Ask ACW: November 2007

  Whatever Happened to Paulina Persenko? Paulina Persenko was supposed to be a huge star in ACW, she twinkled very briefly before fading out and returning to her home in Poland. Nicknamed the “Polish Powerhouse,” Persenko was renown throughout Europe, not for her technical skill, but instead for her brute strength and a seeming inability to […]

Buffy Wilson -

Introducing Buffy Wilson

What do you do when you are following in the footsteps of one of the most notorious and outlandish apartment wrestlers in the history of the sport? Well, if you’re Buffy Wilson, you just act like Buffy Wilson. The niece of Terrible Taylor Wilson has already made quite a name for herself before ever wrestling a […]

Tanako X and Brycee Adams -

Tanako Speaks

An editorial by Tanako X. “Winning is not everything. It’s the only thing.” Vince Lombardi NFL Hall of Fame Coach “Vince Lombardi’s famous quote serves as an inspiration to players, coaches and leaders in the world of sports, politics and business. In its time, it served to define the man and the moment…. But these […]

Alex Del Monacco -

A Champion in Search of Respect

“You can’t let praise or criticism get to you. It’s a weakness to get caught up in either one.” John Wooden Hall of Fame Basketball Coach UCLA For Alex Del Monacco, winning the championship was the easy part. Holding the title has been much more difficult.” Really, the wrestling part of it is easy, it […]

Jezebel -

Introducing Jezebel

“You remember that girl your mother always warned you about? Well I kicked that girl’s ass!” And thus begins the career of the woman who calls herself Jezebel. At 5′ 9″, 147 lbs., she is bigger and stronger than anyone on the current roster and she has two goals in mind – to wreak havoc […]


Ask ACW: May 2007

Q: I notice that the girls hardly ever punch each other in the face. Is this illegal or are they afraid to hurt each other? JB, Sterling, VA. A. Punches to the face and throat is violation to the rules. Basically, the only punches allowed are to the stomach. Competitors may slap each other anywhere except […]

Ginger Bryant -

Introducing Ginger Bryant

Ginger Bryant enters Apartment Championship Wrestling as one of the most decorated apartment wrestlers in history. She held the European Catfight title for 13 years, suffering only two defeats. She has toured Japan and Europe and has become a legend around the world, but her entire career has been spent outside of the United States. […]

Madison Payne -

Introducing Madison Payne

Madison Payne comes to the world of apartment wrestling as an entertainer. A backup dancer in over 40 music videos, she was drawn to catfigting as a way of enhancing her worldwide exposure. “I was in France doing a hip-hop video and during a break the whole crew was watching ACW discs,” said Madison. “They […]

Alex Del Monacco -

Alex Del Monacco is the New Champ

After months of anticipation, highlighted by a bravado on the part of Del Monacco that many felt was an unjustified arrogance, the two at the top of the ACW rankings set to meet in a match for he ACW title. Del Monacco, the challenger, came in at 5′ 6″ 116 lbs, while the champion, Daniella Cartier, […]

Alex Del Monacco -

Alex Del Monacco Gets a Title Shot

After months of discussion, Apartment Championship Wrestling has announced that a title match has been signed, pitting ACW Champion Daniella Cartier against number one contender Alex Del Monacco. “Today is a historic day for the promotion,” said ACW President Tanako X. “This match will pit our finest champion, Daniella, against Alex, a woman many believe […]

Daniella Cartier -

The ACW Title Chase

The current title reign for Daniella Cartier is proving much easier than her previous one. A number of the top contenders for her ACW title have fired or suspended by the promotion and many are wondering whether the champion will have to work up a sewat over hte next year defending her title. “I’ll fight whoever […]

Brycee Adams -

Heads Roll in ACW

Heads are rolling in ACW with firings and suspensions the likes of which have never been seen. While details are still sketchy, it has been confirmed that at least five members of the ACW roster have been terminated and four others have been suspended. Rumors abound that the bloodletting has not ended and as many as […]

Tanako X -

Q & A With Tanako X

He is the President of Apartment Championship Wrestling and has brought the promotion from a small regional entity and turned it into an International powerhouse. It has not been easy, however, as X has encountered lawsuit, sexual harassment allegations, the defection of talent to other promotions and a successful coup. Throughout it all, X has never […]

Little -

Introducing Little

She’s Little They call her little. not because she is small in stature (4′ 11″, 96 lbs.) or because of her youth. They call her Little because she tells them to. Little is the newest addition to the ACW roster, the winner of the second ACW United States Talent Search. Her consecutive victories over fellow […]

Malaysia -

Ask ACW: July 2006

Whatever Happened to Malaysia? Malaysia, the Iron Temptress, seemed destined for great success as a mid-card powerhouse and an eventual run as the Inter-Condominium champion. As soon as she began rising in the rankings, she disappeared from ACW. Her departure was swift and her impact was impressive but Malaysia may be most remembered as the prototypical […]

Brycee Adams -

Brycee Adams Becomes the Number One Contender

Brycee Adams has shocked ACW, racking up up eight straight wins to vault over all other competitors and is now the number one ranked contender. As was to be expected, her new ranking has caused a great deal of turmoil within the ACW roster. Adams entered the promotion in the Fall of 2005 in what […]


The Great 8 – New Challengers in ACW

Over the course of the last ten years, Apartment Championship Wrestling has seen many competitors come and go with varying degrees of talent and skill. The current crop of talent, as a whole, provides the most competitive atmosphere to ever exist within the organization at one time. From top to bottom, the women of ACW […]

Nyla Jay Romero -

Introducing Nyla Jay Romero

Nyla Jay Romero – the Cutie with the Booty! Entering the ranks of ACW competition, she has brought a breath of fresh air to the promotion. At 19 years old, Romero brings a youthful enthusiasm with her but none of the drama or political maneuvering that has become a common trait amongst wrestling veterans. “Nyla has […]

Mandy Taylor -

Introducing Mandy Taylor

Outlandish, outrageous, unpredictable. Those are three of the words used to describe ACW’s most interesting new star in years. Mandy Taylor is not a girl with a past… She’s a girl with a present, and that has many in ACW standing on their ears. Mandy Taylor is part of the Fall 2005 stable of ACW newcomers. […]


Daniella Cartier Injured in attack by Brycee Adams

ACW champion Daniella Cartier was injured after being attacked by fellow competitor Brycee Adams. Cartier was in the middle of an interview with WAZZ television when Adams approached her. Details are sketchy but edited footage of the incident was made available by the station. After Adams attacked, she was joined by several ACW newcomers in continuing to assault Cartier. […]

Alex Del Monacco -

Introducing Alex Del Monacco

Like so many before her, Alex Del Monacco enters Apartment Championship Wrestling already having to prove that she is not just another pretty face. Instead, the promotion has found her to be an extremely accomplished technical wrestler with a serious mean streak. Del Monacco is another of the new breed of competitors entering the promotion over […]

Celina Vasquez -

Ask ACW: November 2005

Q: Whatever happened to the Motor City Posse? I really thought they were going to make a big impact on ACW. A: As often happens when talented, attractive women group together, jealousy and insecurities came between the girls. In fighting between Libby Watson and Chrissy Martin caused the too to stop speaking for six months. Tiffani “Carmen […]

Brycee Adams -

Brycee Adams – the Street Hoosier Cometh

“Born into a society dominated by males, Brycee Adams took matters into her own hands and fought back. Studying classical professional wrestling from the 1980’s, she set out on a course of action to right the wrongs to which females were subjected and like a flaming phoenix rising from the burning embers… the Street Hoosier […]

Rosario Delgado -

Rosario Demands a Title Shot

Rosario Delgado has served notice within Apartment Championship Wrestling -she wants a title shot and she wants one soon! Delgado has quickly become a fan favorite and she knows it. “Look at the fan mail I get and listen to how many phone calls ACW gets because of me. They need to make me happy or […]


Sex, Lies & Videos On Tape

What has happened in ACW? Four years ago the promotion was the most stable organization in all of apartment wrestling. Run by the iron fist of Tanako X, the wrestlers were paid well, there was harmony in the locker room and the popularity of the promotion was growing by leaps and bounds. Over the last few […]


ACW Top Ten Power Rankings

As the promotion finds itself mired in legal controversy, questions remain about who should challenge Diane Hunter for the ACW belt. The following is a look at the Top Ten Power Rankings list of contenders. 10. Miranda Alexander The Hawaiian Princess has been a favorite for much of her time in ACW and seemed to have […]

Cassidy Collins -

Introducing Cassidy Collins

While many would-be ACW competitors don’t have what it takes to make it in the promotion, Cassidy Collins may be too much for the promotion. The 118 lbs. brunette has several of the qualities necessary for becoming a star: She’s a natural trash-talker, a gutsy competitor and too stubborn to give up. These same qualities may […]


Legal Battles Turn into a War

On March 31, 2005, one of the biggest showdowns in the history of Apartment Championship Wrestling took place, not in an apartment or a hotel room, but in the courtroom of the First District Court of Illinois. Masahiro X, current President and representative of ACW, sought an injunction preventing the release of ACW Video #6, entitled […]


Can Daniella Get a Title Shot?

In the course of the history of Apartment Championship Wrestling, there have been many controversies, but the most recent one seems unlikely to go away anytime soon. After some of the most hard fought battles in the history of the promotion, Diane Hunter defeated Daniella Cartier for the ACW title. In the months following, however, Hunter […]

Rosario Delgado -

Introducing Rosario Delgado

Her movements are hypnotic, like those of a dancer, fluid and graceful, effortless, and with no wasted motion. With speed and quickness she glides around her opponents, lulling them into her trap. Drawing them in with her long sweeping motions, quietly maneuvering them into submission, her opponents know they never had a chance.. and so does […]

Jazmine Cashmere -

2004 End of the Year Roundup

Angela Foster Goes Wild  Former ACW competitor Angela Foster has kept very busy since taking a hiatus from active apartment wrestling competition. She vowed to move out to Los Angeles and become a big film star… and, in some respects, she has. Angela has changed her name to Jazmine Cashmere and has become one of the […]


What Now for Daniella Cartier

The last five months have been a nightmare for Daniella Cartier. The former ACW champion lost her title after an epic series of matches against current champion Diane Hunter. The loss followed a two year run as champion in which she engaged in over 56 title defenses as well as immense travel to fulfill marketing agreements […]


Whose Side is Diane Hunter On?

She is the ACW Champion and prepares to embark upon a campaign to make her the most publicly recognized apartment wrestler in the world. Yet it seems that the question everyone wants to ask her is “Who do you support, Masahiro or Tanako.” Always the straight shooter, Hunter answered in her own style. “Fuck both of […]


Is ACW Going to Crash and Burn?

In 1999, World Championship Wrestling was on top of the professional wrestling world. After years of being perceived as a distant second-rate competitor to the World Wrestling Federation, WCW turned the wrestling world on its collective ear with the formation of Hulk Hogan’s New World Order faction in 1996. For the next few years, WCW triumphed […]


Daniella Cartier Suspended

In a shocking development, former ACW champion Daniella Cartier has been suspended by the promotion for a period of 60 days. The official reason cited for the suspension was her use of a banned wrestling move which culminated in a neck injury to ACW competitor Tiffani “Carmen” Jones. Cartier delivered a piledriver maneuver, sending Jones crashing […]

Tanako X -

Tanako X Ousted from ACW

In a stunning development, Apartment Championship Wrestling founder Tanako X has been ousted from his position as the company’s President and CEO and replaced by Masahiro X. Masahiro X has been a junior partner in the promotion for the last five years, having been brought in by Tanako. Masahiro is believed to be Tanako’s nephew […]

Daisee Douglas -

Introducing Daisee Douglas

Mention the name Daisee Douglas to your average ACW fan and the most likely response you’ll get back is a confused “Who?” However, for those in the know, the newest talent acquisition of the Chicago-based wrestling league is creating quite a buzz… Douglas, a former SJPW (Super-Japan Pro Wrestling) Tag Team champion (with fellow gaijin , and past […]

Daniella Cartier -

Daniella Contemplates Her Career

It is a day that no champion wants to face… the day that they lose the championship. For Cartier, despite a spectacular two year run, that day came too soon. Her loss to Diane Hunter may have come unexpectedly, it may prove to be the best thing that could have happened. Cartier has been burning the candle […]


The Bitch is Back

“My name is Taylor Wilson, the baddest bitch in ACW… and I’m back!” Thus came the surprising announcement that the wild and unpredictable Taylor Wilson was returning to Apartment Championship Wrestling. Wilson was thought to be persona non grata within the promotion, having started the drumbeat alleging sexual improprieties within ACW. Her quick temper and shoot […]


Diane Hunter’s Post-Match Press Conference

Hunter Goes Off at Post-Match Press Conference. In what will go down in the annals as one of the most unexplainable press conferences in apartment wrestling history, Diane Hunter unleashed a torrent of angry remarks towards the assembled press, lambasting everyone from the fans to ACW management and other ACW competitors, bemoaning her long and […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter – The Rematch

A match of the year candidate, the first battle between ACW Champion Daniella Cartier and Diane Hunter is viewed by many as a classic. The rematch scheduled for late May 2004 promises to be a different story, or so states Hunter. Last month, Apartment Championship Wrestling ordered Cartier to meet Hunter in four more matches. At […]

Dominique LeMonde -

The Seven Deadly Sins of Apartment Wrestling

Success in apartment wrestling depends on a competitor’s physical prowess, dedication and passion for the sport. Unfortunately, for many, outside distractions often help to curtail championship dreams. Over the years those distractions have reeked havoc throughout Apartment Championship Wrestling, and have come to be known as the Seven Deadly Sins of Apartment Wrestling. Three years ago, […]

Diane Hunter -

ACW Girls are Speaking Out

It didn’t take long for the gloves to come off and the claws to come out. In reaction to the recent success enjoyed by Tiffani “Carmen” Jones, a line formed of ACW competitors eager to voice their displeasure with her upcoming push. First in line is no other that current champion Daniella Cartier. “Give me a […]

Tiffani Jones -

Tiffani is ACW’s Breakout Star

When Tiffani “Carmen” Jones entered Apartment Championship Wrestling two years ago, she was viewed by many as the wildcard of the group. Chrissy Martin had gained greater notoriety in the modeling industry and Libby Watson was viewed as being most likely to enjoy success as an apartment wrestler. Jones, however, has emerged as the true breakout […]


Daniella vs. Hunter – Ready to Rumble

The anticipation for the upcoming match between ACW’s top competitors has reached a fever pitch and neither woman is shy about their chances. Cartier has reigned as ACW champion for more than a year and a half and has never been seriously challenged. Her dominance stems from her size and strength as well as her overwhelming […]

Diane Hunter -

Diane Hunter Returns

Diane Hunter was last heard from in July 2002 when ACW saw the coming of the Motor City Posse. Hunter was quite outspoken in her opposition to the Detroit trio being invited to join the promotion. Hunter felt the promotion was becoming too gimmick-driven, seeking mainstream publicity rather than accomplished wrestling talent. She staged a […]

Jenna Johnson -

Oh My God, It’s Jenna Johnson

Jenna Johnson is the envy of the apartment wrestling world. Young, talented and beautiful, she is moving from one spotlight to another. Johnson was an accomplished tennis player, a phenom at the age of 14. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, her family moved her to Miami, Florida when she was six years old to train at an […]


Controversy Amidst New Allegations

Just as things are looking up in Apartment Championship Wrestling, there is a rumbling underfoot as new allegations have arisen from an old voice. Taylor Wilson, a former ACW competitor has emerged from the independent apartment wrestling scene to present another blockbuster statement. Wilson made allegations in 2001, accusing ACW officials of engaging in sexual harassment […]

Libby Watson -

Introducing Libby Watson

Libby Watson is the third member of the Motor City Posse. She is considered the wild card of the group, displaying a wide range of talents and a complex personal background that makes it hard to pigeonhole her. Many within the industry believe if she can tie all of these together, she may be the best […]


Match of the Year – 2002

Lisa Nash vs. Tabitha Van Dyne The matchup between Lisa Nash and Tabitha Van Dyne pitted an apartment wrestling legend against an upstart. The sister of veteran Veronica Van Dyne, Tabitha thought she would be welcomed into ACW as legacy. Nash let her no that things would be different. Van Dyne was the agressor, clipping Nash’s legs […]


2002 – The Year in Review

The year 2002 was a significant change from the previous year. After a tumultuous 2001, filled with lawsuits and defections, 2002 was a much more positive year, although full of surprises and changes. The year began with the promotion regrouping after the debacle of the previous year surrounding the legal dispute with Heaven. With fences mended […]


Ask ACW: November 2002

Q: I liked the Ask ACW question last month, so here are a few more. Where is Donna Dixxon. She was one of my favorite girls to look at (what a body). Also, I haven’t heard much about Diane Hunter. I think she held one of the belts but I heard she got injured. Also, […]

Tiffani Jones -

Introducing Carmen Jones

Tiffani “Carmen” Jones is one of the most outspoken women to enter ACW in years. Many, however, are questioning whether she can back up her talk and remain competitive within the promotion or whether she’s all talk. To listen to her, one would think that Jones was on the verge of competing for the ACW title […]

Amber Mayfield -

Ask ACW: October 2002

Q: I haven’t heard anything recently about some of my favorite ACW girls. Where are Miranda Alexander and Dixie Monroe? Is Malaysia still training in Thailand? Will she be back? Also, Amber Mayfield didn’t get a lot of press but she was cute. Is she still in ACW? A: Let’s take them one by one. […]


Introducing Chrissy Martin

Christina Tanya Martin comes to the Apartment Championship Wrestling promotion amidst controversy, both within ACW and without. She has no formal apartment wrestling training, but instead has worked the last few years as a well-known fashion model throughout Europe. She has decided to make her entrance into the world of combat sports entertainment by embarking on […]


Standing at a Crossroads

After 18 turbulent months of controversy, Heaven can finally take a moment to sit and relax. One month after losing the ACW World Championship the blonde bombshell can finally retreat from the public spotlight and focus on herself. Whether she can enjoy some time to herself, however, remains to be seen. Heaven, the greatest champion in […]


The Motor City Posse Rocks ACW

Chrissy Martin, Carmen Jones and Libby Watson have made names for themselves around the world, but certainly not within the world of apartment wrestling. Tanako X is certain, however, that by the end of the year, they will be the hottest faction in the apartment wrestling industry. The trio is known collectively as the Motor City […]

Libby Watson -

Ask ACW: July 2002

Q: Why are so many new girls entering ACW? What happened to Taylor Wilson and Barbie Mayfield? A: Tanako X, the CEO and Founder of Apartment Championship Wrestling has has stated that “Apartment Championship Wrestling is dedicated to providing the best in sports entertainment and to providing fresh new faces, intent on making a mark on the […]

Kristy Broussard -

Introducing Kristy Broussard

“Kristy Broussard may be too tough for ACW.” So says ACW founder Tanako X. Broussard is among the latest newcomers to ACW, part of the promotion’s efforts for an accelerated expansion. As the promotion has moved away from the adversity caused sex scandals and injuries, ACW has heavily recruited new competitors and Broussard became a […]

Gia Primo Torelli -

Introducing Gia Primo Torelli

Gia Torelli faces the daunting task of overcoming her own persona. Nicknamed “the Golden Girl,” Torelli is burdened with the perception of being a “nice girl.” As such, her entrance into ACW is accompanied by the question of whether she is tough enough to survive in active competition. Gia was born and raised in San Diego, […]

Daniella Cartier -

Daniella Cartier Returns

For Daniella Cartier, the last six months have been a quagmire of anticipation, achievement, frustration and despair from which she has struggled to escape. Her trials and tribulations, however, have not dampened her spirit. Instead, they have enabled her to narrow her focus on one goal – capturing the ACW World Championship. Cartier’s rise within the […]

Lisa Nash -

Introducing Lisa Nash

  Although a newcomer to Apartment Championship Wrestling, Lisa Nash is certainly not a newcomer to the world of apartment wrestling. Nash is a well-known and well-respected veteran of the sport, having competed on many levels throughout Europe, Asia and in the United States. The former Parisian Women’s Champion, Nash had become a fixture over in […]


Ask ACW: February 2002

Q: Who is Tanako X and what is his background and involvement in wrestling and the martial arts? A: Tanako X, the CEO and Founder of Apartment Championship Wrestling has been involved in the apartment wrestling industry from more than 15 years. He worked with the World Apartment Wrestling Federation for 7 years before taking over the smallerUniversal Apartment […]

Barbie Mayfield -

International Incident

Barbie Mayfield was involved in an altercation that precipitated a brawl in Japan last month and has returned to the United States. Mayfield was part of an ACW contingent attending a Female Fighting exposition in Kobe, Japan. Mayfield was attending as a representative and was giving a demonstration along with Japanese star Kristi Tajiran for a gathering of […]


Introducing Tabitha Van Dyne

Tabitha Van Dyne looks like a bubbly college coed ready to pledge a sorority and in a way she is. Like a sorority pledge who is considered a legacy, Tabitha enters Apartment Championship Wrestling following in the footsteps of her older sister, apartment wrestler turned attorney Veronica Van Dyne. Although acknowledging her sister’s influence, Tabitha is […]


2001 – the Year in Review

The year 2001 was a remarkable one for the Apartment Championship Wrestling promotion. After years of consolidation within the industry, ACW has stepped to the forefront to become the preeminent apartment wrestling promotion, becoming the de facto standard for female fighting entertainment. Over the course of the year, however, the promotion has followed a topsy turvy […]


ACW Champion Heaven is Reinstated

Apartment Championship Wrestling has announced that it has reached a settlement agreement in a lawsuit with one of its top competitors, former champion Heaven. The promotion had been embroiled in a dispute with Heaven for the last five months related to her appearances on an adult-themed Internet website. ACW claimed that such appearances violated a provision […]


Daniella Cartier Seriously Injured In Car Crash

Top-Ranked ACW competitor Daniella Cartier was seriously injured in an automobile accident last week and will be out of action for at least six months. Cartier, the number one contender for the disputed title belt was traveling along Interstate 57 in Illinois when her car hydroplaned and spun out of control striking a wall restraint […]


Who Will Be the Next Champ?

Amidst the legal controversies involving Apartment Championship Wrestling and its suspended champion 00Heaven, an ever-increasing void has developed, full of uncertainty, but also ripe with opportunity. Someone is needed to step forward and become the next star for the promotion – not only to carry the title strap but also to carry the ACW banner. The problems […]


ACW Completes Purchase of Nite Fights

Apartment Championship Wrestling has announced the finalization of terms and completion of its purchase of the remaining interest in the Nite Fights promotion. ACW had previously acquired a minority stake in Nite Fights, having purchased all of the shares owned by Nite Void, former director of the promotion. Void left the promotion in June after […]


Explosive Allegations Rock ACW

  “We’re ready to forge ahead. As far as I’m concerned it’s business as usual!” These are the words of Tanako X, the embattled head of the Apartment Championship Wrestling promotion. X spoke briefly about the continuing dispute between the promotion and its biggest star, former champion 00Heaven. Heaven was suspended by the promotion in July […]

Heaven - apartment

Heaven is Fighting Mad

00Heaven has a fight on her hands and it is one that she may not win. The Apartment Championship Wrestling champion has been suspended by the promotion after it was revealed that she had authorized the operation of an adult-oriented web site featuring explicit nude photographs of her. ACW officials contend that this violates a clause in her […]

Paulina Persenko -

ACW Goes International

The appeal of apartment wrestling has been growing exponentially on a regional basis throughout the United States over the last five years. The sport, however, has been spreading like wildfire across Europe and much of Asia. In light of this, Tanako X, CEO and Founder of Apartment Championship Wrestling has embarked upon a goodwill tour […]

Heaven -

ACW Champion Heaven Suspended

Apartment Championship Wrestling has announced that ACW Champion 00Heaven has been suspended effective immediately. No other details were released by the promotion and ACW Founder Tanako X refused to comment other than to say “the promotion comes first… No one is bigger than the promotion!” It is believed that the suspension is related to the continuing rift […]

Tanako X and Night Fights -

Dispute between Apartment Championship Wrestling and Night Fights Resolved

Apartment Championship Wrestling (ACW) has resolved a dispute with the Chicago-based Night Fights promotion regarding a claim of contractual interference. Terms of the agreement between the two organizations will not be released to the general public. However, ACW has indicated that it has agreed to work in some type of a promotional capacity with Night […]


Daniella Cartier – A Shooting Star Rising

She feels she is ready. She feels she is prepared. She feels she is destined. She is unquestionably bold, confident and uniquely talented. Many, however, feel she is cocky, stubborn and headstrong. Nevertheless, she has set her sights on ACW title belts with the ACW World Title at the center of her crosshairs. Daniella Cartier’s story is […]


Scandal Brewing in ACW

The lingering stench of scandal continues to permeate the halls of Apartment Championship Wrestling. Allegations of sexual improprieties and political maneuvering have arisen, casting a cloud over ACW champion 00Heaven and the credibility of the ACW World Title belt. In May 2001, ACW competitor Taylor Wilson boldly accused Heaven of manipulating ACW officials and using behind […]


Taylor Wilson Demands a Title Shot

Taylor Wilson is angry and she wants everyone to know it. Believing that she is being held back in her title pursuit, she is launching verbal assaults at everyone involved with Apartment Championship Wrestling – from the lowest ranked competitors to the promotion’s executive committee. Her biggest target, however, is ACW champion 00Heaven. Wilson wants a a […]


Dominique LeMonde – ACW’s Reclusive Star

When a man finds himself in the abyss, there he finds his true character. This saying is very appropriate for the plight of Dominique LeMonde. Just a few weeks ago she seemed to be on top of the world. She was besieged with interview requests, appeared on newspaper and magazine covers — and was set to […]

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