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February 2016
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Galas Looner vs. Megan Jones

Rarely does a budding rivalry reach this level of intensity. Galas Looner is quiet, mild-mannered and shy. She would strike you more as a librarian than a top competitor. Megan Jones is just the opposite. She believes she is the best in the business and will let anybody know it. She is clearly an Alpha-dog […]


Crystal Selane vs. Buffy Wilson

Crystal Selane and Buffy Wilson were both on the bubble. Selane entered ACW with a lot of hype, immigrating from Russia along with her “partner-in-crime” Bridgete Kournova. Neither had lived up to the hype nor the expectation and they had fallen under criticism from competitors and members of management. Buffy Wilson was also a victim […]


Tiffani Jones vs. Chrissy Martin

This month we look back at a match between two original members of the Motor City Posse. Chrissy Martin and Tiffani Jones were models from Detroit looking to use wrestling as a marketing hook. They thought they would b matched up against various opponents and collectively make a name for the group. Unfortunately, they found […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Jezebel

Former ACW Champion Daniella Cartier has struggled mightily to overcome the numerous injuries that have derailed her bid to regain her title belt. Before she can gain a match up against current champion Alex Del Monacco she has to prove herself against some of the young talent within the promotion. In going up against wild […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Celina Vasquez

As ACW battles its way through an ownership change and a terrible economy, a number of performers have been released or given permission to travel overseas. Thus, Daniella Cartier found herself on the comeback trails with a limited number of opponents to hone her skills against. Celina Vasquez, on the other hand, found herself struggling […]


Barbie Mayfield vs. Amber Mayfield

The match up between Barbie Mayfield and her cousin Amber was certainly a family affair, but on this day the two were not kissing cousins. After numerous clashes with management over work ethics and trouble getting along with fellow wrestlers, the two were given one opportunity to prove there worth in a Loser Leaves ACW […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Daisee Douglas II

As Daniella Cartier begins down the road to a title shot, ACW saw the return of Daisee Douglas. After announcing her retirement last year, Douglas had contemplated a return to action for months. With both girls being out of action for a while, a matchup between the two seemed a perfect opportunity for each to […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Cassidy Collins

Daniella Cartier and Cassidy Collins will never be considered friends, but few would have anticipated that a hatred would develop between the two. Cartier, the proud former champion had endured years of taunts and boasts from Collins. Collins, a scrappy competitor had a huge chip on her shoulder from the moment she entered ACW. She […]


Barbie Mayfield vs. Paulina Persenko

The matchup between homegrown ACW star Barbie Mayfield and European star Paulina Persenko would have significant implications for the promotion as the two would battle for the top contender’s spot for the Inter-Condominium title. Barbie, confident in her recent success, took the battle to her opponent. With both having large lower torsos, Mayfield tried to […]


Alex Del Monacco vs. Buffy Wilson

Due to a series of bizarre events, Buffy Wilson gained a title shot in only her third match in ACW. Wilson was to be a bystander watching the title match between Del Monacco and Mandy Taylor, after Taylor moved up because of an injury to Brycee Adams and the suspension of Jezebel. When Taylor no-showed […]


Little vs. Kiana Price II

After their debut match in ACW, Kiana Price and Little are back in action. Kiana was still angry over the turn of events from the first battle and was determined that things would be different this time. The action was fast and furious with both girls bringing their best. Kiana dominated early, trying to impose […]


Brycee Adams vs. Alex Del Monacco

The matchup between Alex Del Monacco and Brycee Adams found two women moving in opposite directions. Adams, the tattooed screaming banshee had spent months in the ACW doghouse after management tired of her unpredictable behavior and excuses. She had been suspended and seemed headed on her way out of the promotion. Having been given a […]


Brycee Adams vs. Nyla Jay Romero

In a battle between to could have been’s, Nyla Jay Romero, the South Beach Bambina took on the Brycee Adams, she of the many tattoos. Adams, a heavy favorite to make a run at the ACW title belt, was in the ACW doghouse. Missed appearances and conflicts with management cast her as a woman on […]


Alex Del Monacco vs. Nyla Jay Romero II

The second match-up between Alex Del Monacco and Nyla Jay Romero found the competitors in very different positions. When the two first met, they were rookies, playing on the the same playing fiend and both eager to make their mark. Now, Del Monacco was the ACW champion and Romero was barely clinging to any kind […]


Mandy Taylor vs. Madison Payne

Madison Payne entered ACW as one of the new class of catfighters and the one with the least experience, but she made up for her lack of skill with an exuberance that has made her a favorite within the promotion. As she set to meet Mandy Taylor, she focused on staying out of submission holds […]


Alex Del Monacco vs. Mandy Taylor

With the recent firings and suspensions in the promotion, Alex Del Monacco and Mandy Taylor didn’t need anyone to tell them that now was their chance to make a move for a championship match. Already considered the most technically sound challenger for the belt, Alex knew she would have to bring more to the table […]


Diane Hunter vs. Rosario Delgado

With the turmoil going on in ACW, Diane Hunter has returned to action, taking on Rosario Delgado. Delgado, rehabilitating from an ankle injury also hurried back to action. For Delgado, it was a chance to take advantage of the thin roster and to work towards a title shot. For Hunter, it was an opportunity to […]


Little vs. Kiana Price I

Having survived amongst over 100 competitors, Kiana Price and her opponent, Little, entered the match with the pressure of knowing that the winner would be named the winner of the second ACW United States Talent Search and the recipient of a one year ACW contract. Little, the 4′ 11″, 96 lbs. dynamo knew she would […]


Brycee Adams vs. Annina Oksana

As she entered the match, Brycee Adams was not sure what to make of her opponent Annina Oksana. Oksana was a new performer, having wrestled in France and Brazil for the last three years. She was discovered by an ACW talent scout and signed to a short term contract in late-May 2006. “She creeped me […]


Alex Del Monacco vs. Nyla Jay Romero

As Nyla Jay Romero looked to make her ACW debut, she wasn’t feeling the pressure that most newcomers bring to match. The happy-go-lucky 19-year old was just happy to have the opportunity to make her mark in the promotion. She wouldn’t have an easy time, however as she was matched up against the talented rookie […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Rosario Delgado II

Rosario Delgado learned in their last matchup that you have to take the action to Daniella Cartier. As the match began, she did just that, quickly circling around Cartier and grabbing her from behind. Pulling at Cartier’s hair she began screaming in her ears in spanish. Cartier was finally able to break away and circled […]


Diane Hunter vs. Daniella Cartier V

The last year and a half has been very good for ACW Champion Diane Hunter. After ten years of struggling for a shot at greatness in the field of apartment wrestling, Hunter was finally able to put everything together and mounting a vigorous and highly touted series of matches against then-champion Daniella Cartier. After nearly […]


Rosario Delgado vs. Daisee Douglas

As two of ACW’s most prized newcomers, the match between Rosario Delgado and Daisee Douglas was viewed as a battle between the two top up-and-comers in the promotion. Delgado, in matches against Daniella Cartier and Tanya Monroe, has shown herself to be competent, capable and innovative. Douglas, in impressive matches against Cassidy Collins and Cartier […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Daisee Douglas

As Daniella Cartier grumbled about being denied title opportunities, Daisee Douglas looked at their match as a great opportunity. A newcomer to the promotion, Douglas had made great strides in climbing ACW’s ladder, but few expected her to be able to contend against a veteran of Cartier’s caliber. An annoyed Cartier looked to end the […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Rosario Delgado I

Amid the fanfare of the signing of Rosario Delgado, ACW officials quickly signed her to a match against former champion Daniella Cartier. Though Cartier has been credited with discovering Delgado, the two girls were not necessarily on friendly terms coming into the match. Cartier had tried to assure Delgado that she would take it easy […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter IV

Diane Hunter finally got her shot at the big time, gaining a match against Daniella Cartier for the ACW title. After a long fought battle, however, Cartier defeated her able foe with an unexpected huracanrana into a roll up on the floor. Despite the devastating loss, Hunter immediately demanded a rematch and ACW met her […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter III

This month we look back at one of the titanic battles between Daniella Cartier and Diane Hunter. While a tremendous rivalry exited between the two, they shared a mutual respect for one another’s talent and determination. They also developed a keen sense of the other skills and strategies, thus allowing them to prepare for their […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter I

For four months, Diane Hunter has been demanding a title shot. Her requests were not only directed at the ACW Booking Committee, but also at the ACW champion, Daniella Cartier. Cartier, however, dismissed the request and declined to push for a match against Hunter. “It wasn’t that I was afraid to fight her,” Cartier said, […]


Miranda Alexander vs. Dixie Monroe

Dixie Monroe wanted to prove to naysayers that despite a number of stinging losses, she was a legitimate apartment wrestlers and capable of winning big matches. Miranda Alexander, on the other hand, was determined to showcase her talents as one of the rising stars in ACW and a real contender for the Inter-Condiminium belt. The […]


Jenna Johnson vs. Miranda Alexander

Jenna Johnson entered the match hoping to continue to turn heads within ACW after capturing several wins since her debut. Miranda Alexander saw the match as a test of styles against a larger opponent. For both girls it would provide an opportunity to move up the ladder towards a shot at the Inter-Condiminium title. The […]


Dixie Monroe vs. Tasha Moreno

Dixie Monroe found her apartment wrestling career on the line. As more and more ACW performers use the promotion as a springboard to other areas in the entertainment business, Monroe was one of the first and had put her apartment wrestling career on hold pursuing acting opportunities on film and on stage. As she faced […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Miranda Alexander

After more than a year away from from action in ACW, Miranda Alexander made her return to the promotion and was thrown right into the fire, with a match against ACW champion Daniella Cartier. Cartier, since gaining the title belt from former champion Heaven, has run off a string of impressive victories. Facing a still […]


00Heaven vs. Daniella II

No hype was necessary for the rematch between ACW champion Heaven and top contender Daniella Cartier. The two met in the summer of 2001 in what was recently voted “ACW Match of the Year.” In addition to the outstanding action, the match created a great deal of discussion because of the way it ended. Cartier […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Jazmine Cashmere

The Daniella Cartier era got underway with a match against newcomer Angela Foster. Foster, a ta’i chi instructor, entered the world of competitive fighting in 1999 in exhibition martial arts matches throughout the midwest. Although an impressive performer, she had yet to face the top competition in ACW. Daniella Cartier sought to convince her that […]


00Heaven vs. Daniella Cartier I

The hype surrounding the match would exceed anything in the last twenty years of apartment wrestling. ACW Champion was enjoying a two year title but challenger Daniella Cartier had been impressive in her first year in action. Cartier had mowed through the competition with a blend of strength and quickness and was touted as the […]


Gia (Primo) Torelli vs. Kristy Broussard

The determination by ACW officials to continue the influx of new talent into the promotion brought about a match between Gia Torelli and Kristy Broussard. Both had caught the eye of ACW scouts performing in matches for independent promotions in Chicago. The match between “the Golden Girl” and “the Bruiser” would prove to be memorable. […]


Diane Hunter vs. Donna Dixxon

For both women, this was their most important match. Diane Hunter, a former Intercondiminium champion was struggling back along the comeback trail after suffering a broken leg months before. Her opponent, Donna Dixxon, had become the tough-luck girl of the promotion. Despite great effort and strategic planning, Dixxon had suffered a consecutive loss streak that […]


Lisa Nash vs. Tabitha Van Dyne

With injuries piling up within the promotion, ACW officials recently announced a public search for new competitors. Amongst the responses were two very interesting: one from an established international star, another from an exciting newcomer. Lisa Nash had starred for years as one of the top apartment wrestlers in Europe. Her opponent, Tabitha Van Dyne […]


00Heaven vs. Miranda Alexander

For Heaven it was a much-desired return to the ring. For Miranda Alexander, it was her chance at the upset of upsets. Hoping to catch Heaven unprepared after her five month suspension from the promotion, Alexander eagerly accepted a match with the champion with all thoughts on defeating her. Miranda was being groomed by Tanako […]


Taylor Wilson vs. Donna Dixxon

For Donna Dixxon, the match represented an opportunity to escape from the lingering cloud of doubt that seemed to follow her due to her inability to close out matches. For Taylor Wilson, the match would provide a chance to regain her form after a four month suspension. The match started out fast with Dixxon taking […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Amber Mayfield

After a convincing and impressive victory over top contender Barbie Mayfield, Daniella Cartier emerged as the top contender for the ACW title belt – a title recently held up when ACW Champion Heaven was suspended by the promotion. In anticipation of being awarded the vacated title, Daniella looked to put on another impressive showing in […]


Miranda Alexander vs. Niki Foxe

For Miranda Alexander and Niki Foxe this match would help to determine whether either would ensure herself of grabbing a spot on the Apartment Championship Wrestling roster. In June 2001 both women were signed to the promotion but a series of events brought into question whether they would ever wrestler with ACW. After a bit […]


Barbie Mayfield vs. Daniella Cartier

When it was announced that the Inter-Condiminium title belt had been declared vacant (due to IC champion Diane Hunter suffering a broken leg) there were two competitors in line for a shot at the belt. Barbie Mayfield, (the current “D” cup champion), had been considered the top contender for Hunter’s belt. Daniella Cartier, on the […]


Daniella Cartier vs. Paulina Persenko

As Daniella Cartier prepared for her match against Paulina Persenko, she did so apprehensively. Having no opportunity to view her opponent’s matches, Daniella felt at a disadvantage. She accepted the match because it afforded her the opportunity to move closer to a shot at the Inter-Condiminium title. Cartier was promised that if she won matches […]


00Heaven vs. Donna Dixxon

After years of working to get to this point, Donna Dixxon wondered whether she was truly prepared for the moment. She spent months focusing, dedicating and disciplining herself and now the moment she had waited for had finally come – a title shot against ACW Champion 00Heaven. Dixxon had longed suffered through an up and […]


Barbie Mayfield vs. Taylor Wilson

The battle between Barbara Jean Mayfield and Taylor Wilson promised to be a significant one, as it pitted two of the rising stars of ACW against one another. With the ongoing absence of star competitor Dominque LeMonde, Wilson and Mayfield were both poised to assume the number two spot in the promotion and thus place […]


Dixe Monroe vs. Malaysia

The competition to move up the ranks of Apartment Championship Wrestling is fierce, as was evident in the matchup between Dixie Monroe and Malaysia. The top contenders were set to square off to determine who would move up to the #3 ranking in the promotion. Malaysia confidently approached the match, believing she had a physical […]


00Heaven vs. Dominique LeMonde

It was the most hyped match in the history of Apartment Championship Wrestling. It was the battle for the title of most beautiful woman in ACW and both ladies were determined to walk away with that honor. The match had been discussed throughout the New York area as Dominique appeared on local radio and television […]

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