It was the most hyped match in the history of Apartment Championship Wrestling. It was the battle for the title of most beautiful woman in ACW and both ladies were determined to walk away with that honor. The match had been discussed throughout the New York area as Dominique appeared on local radio and television stations for interviews. Confident that she would take the title belt from 00Heaven, she began touting herself as the real star of the promotion. Heaven angrily vowed to close Dominique's mouth and send her packing - back to France.

True to her word, Dominique showed little hesitation when the match began and took the fight directly to the champion. Shoving Heaven down on a bed, Dominique aggressively tried to go for a quick pin.

Heaven was having none of it, however, and she quickly turned the tables, stepping around LeMonde and grabbing her in a painful ankle-hold. Angered because Dominique had inadvertently yanked her bikini top loose, Heaven decided to teach a lesson to her younger opponent and began yanking at her bikini.