What do you do when you are following in the footsteps of one of the most notorious and outlandish apartment wrestlers in the history of the sport? Well, if you're Buffy Wilson, you just act like Buffy Wilson. The niece of Terrible Taylor Wilson has already made quite a name for herself before ever wrestling a match. "She's a natural bad girl," said Daniella Cartier, a former ACW champion. "She's actually very nice, but she has trouble written all over her."

Wilson hails from San Diego, California and calls herself a "Beach Babe." Her proximity to the sand and surf, however, has led her into trouble. "I like being naked," she says, and so her troubles have begun. Buffy has been arrested six times for nude sunbathing. After the last incident, the judge warned that another violation would mean at least 30 days in jail. Rather than risk another violation, she moved to Chicago in August 2007. "It not a big deal, really," she says. "I'm just really comfortable with my body and I like to show off and I really like the attention. I wasn't really trying to cause any trouble. It's just who I am." The notoriety, however, has led her to a number of opportunities, one of which was a career in the sport of apartment wrestling.